Stress Free Horse Worming

We have an exciting announcement to make from the Team at Wormabit and we're tickled PINK about it. For the first time since their launch in 2009, Wormabits are now available with a choice of colours.

There's the classic Purple and our new Vibrant Pink straps to choose from. This makes it the perfect gift for any young horse owner.

Benefits include:
  • Makes worming easy & safe
  • Keeps your horse calm & relaxed
  • Delivers full dose every time
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Step 1

Offer the bit to the horse’s mouth and do up the strap.

Step 2

Set the desired dose, insert the syringe into the hole and depress the plunger, administering the full dose.

Step 3

Insert the tube cleaning brush provided which acts as a plunger making sure the full dose is delivered.

Step 4

Rinse, dry and store in the handy PVC bag provided.