Stress Free Horse Worming

Welcome to the home of Wormabit, the latest aid to make worming your horse or pony easy and safe without the stress, especially for difficult horses. Wormabit makes administering all equine oral pastes a pleasure for you and your horse.

Wormabit can also be used as a mouthing bit for young horses or works great as a focusing aid during activities such as shoeing where you want your horse to be calm and relaxed.

Benefits include:
  • Makes worming easy & safe
  • Keeps your horse calm & relaxed
  • Delivers full dose every time
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Step 1

Offer the bit to the horse’s mouth and do up the strap.

Step 2

Set the desired dose, insert the syringe into the hole and depress the plunger, administering the full dose.

Step 3

Insert the tube cleaning brush provided which acts as a plunger making sure the full dose is delivered.

Step 4

Rinse, dry and store in the handy PVC bag provided.