It’s a simple fact that many horses just don’t like being wormed. This is largely due to the very invasive nature of how syringe based wormers are administered. Many horse owners dread worming their horses, making the worming cycle irregular and less effective.

Designed and manufactured here in Australia, Wormabit is the latest aid to make worming your horse or pony easy and safe without the stress, especially for difficult horses.

The Product

Made in Australia, Wormabit is the latest aid to make worming your horse or pony easy and safe without the stress, especially for difficult horses. Its bit-like mouth piece and head strap is easy to put on and once the bit is in place, the worming paste is administered by inserting the syringe into the open end of the mouth piece. With one smooth action the full dose is delivered to the horse without the usual mess and fuss. Horses stay calm because they are used to having a bit in their mouth. The syringe itself never enters the horse’s mouth.

Wormed my boy today with my new Wormabit and it was just a breeze….no stress, no mess quick and easy….thanks so much. He still doesn’t like me after he has it for a little while, but he soon got sooky again, and the cuddles were on. Thanks again, best thing ever.

Jill Nuske – Wormabit Owner – Regency Park, South Australia

We have recently purchased a Wormabit and would like to tell everyone how delighted we are with it. The health of our working Clydesdale’s is paramount, we need to be sure they receive a ‘full dose’ of paste. Not only did this product ensure this, it made the whole process a ‘bonding’ experience.

Melanie Carter – Owner/Operator of Horse Drawn of Hahndorf (South Australia)

I’m loving the Wormabit as I have a few horses with worming issues, now I don’t have any fuss, I’m not in any danger of getting hurt with horses rearing at me or dragging me around. Its so quick & easy! Wonderful product.

Loretta Gordon – Wormabit owner, Tooleen, (Victoria)

Wormabit is so easy to use. If you can put on a bridle, then with Wormabit you will be able to worm your horse. Even the most difficult horses accept the bit and swallow the paste without fear, fuss or mess. Furthermore, horses accept the Wormabit time after time without hesitation. Wormabit is designed to work with all brands of worming pastes and other orally administered equine pastes.

  • Makes worming easy, safe and enjoyable
  • Keeps your horse calm and relaxed
  • Delivers full dose every time
  • Compatible with all equine pastes in standard 32g plastic syringes

Wormabit makes an ideal gift, especially for younger people who want to play an active role in looking after their horse but are cautious about worming conventionally or wasting the paste.

Wormabit can also be used as a mouthing bit for young horses and works great as a focusing aid (with honey or molasses in a clean, previously used syringe) during activities such as shoeing where you want your horse to be calm and relaxed. Wormabit can be used with all brands of Horse Wormer and other oral equine pastes.

The Inventor

Wormabit founder and Managing Director, Phil Cornell has been around horses for nearly all of his adult life and yet he still dislikes administering worming paste to his horses. The fact that it broke the trust he had worked so hard to establish and more often than not left him covered in the worming paste they invariably spat out. He knew he wasn’t the only one who dreaded worming his horses and he knew there had to be a less alarming, less invasive, less messy way.