Worming Clydesdales with the Wormabit

Posted on June 28th, 2010
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Clydesdale WormingI recently received the following question:-

Hi, I have Clydesdales and have a horrible time trying to worm my mare. Do these extend a fair bit? A warm blood halter can fit my horses.

My response was:-

Thanks for your interest and your question. A good friend of ours used to operate the ‘Horse Drawn in Hahndorf’ (SA) Clydesdales and she uses a Wormabit to assist in worming her horses.

The Wormabit comes with a very generous length strap that enables it to fit all sizes of horses and ponies. The moulding itself is based on a 5 1/2″ bit, and whilst it is snug, larger horses have no problems accepting it. Here is a picture of the Wormabit on her Clydesdale.

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3 Responses to Worming Clydesdales with the Wormabit

  1. Hi
    I have a mini shetland who’s just turned 1 he only takes a 3 and a half inch bit so the wormabit will be to big won’t it? but it also needs to fit a welsh cob who takes a 6 inch bit and so are the wormabits adjustable or will this just not work?

    • Hi Rhiannon,

      Thanks for your question. The Wormabit was designed on the philosophy that ‘one size fits all’. It is based on a 5 1/2″ standard bit which would be too large for your shetland. However, as the Wormabit only needs to be on for about a minute in all it is not the same as trying to ride a horse with the wrong size bit.

      If you are keen to try one, I will be happy to make a pair of 20mm stiff sponge spacers that will simply slip over the bit reducing the width. You can simply take them back off when you worm your cob.

      I hope I’ve answered your questions. Always happy to help. Let me know if you’d like to go ahead or if you have any other questions.



      • Thankyou for trying to solve my problem i have maneged to buy a wormabit and was woundering how i can get these 20mm spacers to put on this to worm my shetie.
        Thanks again.

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